Problems with Your Sources of Funds?

Are you an owner of assets such as precious metals, cryptocurrencies, cash as well as other high-value assets and have problems with the proof of origin of funds or other issues related to money laundering law?

We are a law firm specialized in these issues. As a lawyer for money laundering issues related to bitcoin, gold, cash and other assets, we will advise you with a lot of practical experience. This is because we are not only familiar with money laundering law per se, but also have our own experience with cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, precious metal dealers and banks in this context.

We will support you, for example, if your account at the bank or crypto exchange has been blocked or terminated and you can no longer access your money or cryptocurrencies. Feel free to describe your matter to us by e-mail or via the contact form and receive a free initial assessment, on the basis of which you can then decide on the next steps.

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